Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls cranking the engine

Megan Jones & Gloria Cranking a Junker DOUBLE difficulty CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO SITE These two hot Latino Models out of Miami are both taking turns cranking this junky automobile. This is what it was like in the late eighty's on a day-to-day basis hot chicks like these 2 girls would be getting frustrated with a vehicle as replicated in this video. Cars that won't start and girls who are getting annoyed is really hot. This is reality candid pedal pumping video that can not be filmed any more closer to the way the precise events unfolded.
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Visit my Video Clip Center to watch my videos CLICK HERE

Girls of the Pedal-Ezine Ultimate Extreme

There are many of us, even in today's modern world society. Those of us who are caught up in the explicit world of the moderately popular girl foot fetish. Girl foot fetishes that come in all sorts of motivational forms such as exotic tease, worship, fondling, footwear, footplay or even foot domination

among other sorts of the exotic foot desire.

Well how about the foot desire of pedal pumping? As the type that you would like to watch the most gorgeous woman drive her own vehicle down the highway going a standard speed past 50 miles per hour as her delicious, sexy foot is steadily still on the accelerator. Until suddenly for whatever reason, if for no reason at all, she decides to smash that gas pedal to floor and pins it down, leading to the petrifying exhilaration of listening to the engine roar louder and louder, as the speedometer raises to a higher capacity, for the thrill of more speed velocity. Surely, pedal pumping is nothing new. And there are those even now, who have indulged as well as engaged in such a fantasy. However this is not just any other kind of ordinary pedal pumping foot fetish fantasy. It is, you might say, the kinda fantasy for the thrill of a dangerous "pedal to the metal!" The thrill of danger if you will. In a deepest, uncanny, rancid fantasy so insane and even by far the most femdom, being the type that'll put you in the most disadvantage, to make you love to hate and hate to love. But it only leaves you begging for more. The real-deal, pedal pumping rush. The kind of pedal to the metal that rages on and on with shocking outtakes of outrageously heated rides driven by crazed "road warriors". And the crazy-sexy girls who are or course, the road warriors, who not only ache to do it, but as some of them may be very eccentric and vulgar, and probably above all, make you watch them floor that gas pedal constantly over and over to oblivion. Driving you mad, fulfilling your ever so erotic pedal fantasies to true light. You can gain access to this exclusive content for as low as $19.95. We never re-bill that mean in 30 days when your subscription expires you don't get charged again unless you decided to pay again and sign up. The ultimate pedal pumping extreme!! Introducing the elite wonders of Pedal-Ezine Ultimate Extreme.


Carmen comes off as the "sweet and innocent" type by first appearance. With a set of the most prettiest pedicures and taste in shoes, that like Porsha, Carmen also cranks up the velocity with a seldom soft-ness. But does put just a bit more pressure into her lead foot aggression. Especially when she drives